What is the meaning of Presale tickets? (An easy explanation)

Tips & Guide : What is the meaning of Presale tickets

As you probably know, Ticketmaster is the number one platform for booking tickets around the world. Whether it’s for events, concerts, or live shows, Ticketmaster has got you covered.

Now, when an artist announces their upcoming tour dates, fans are always eager to visit ticket booking sites. But sometimes, they come across a term called “presale” and wonder what it means.

Well, let me explain it to you in simple words, so all your doubts will be cleared after reading this article.

What is Presale tickets meaning?

The term “presale” is derived from the words “pre” and “sale.” “Pre” means “before,” and “sale” refers to exchanging something for money.

A presale is a special opportunity for fans to purchase tickets before they become available to the general public. It’s like a Exclusive access to ticket sales.

Usually, artists or event organizers set aside a limited number of tickets for presale. These tickets are made available to a selected group of people, such as fan club members, credit card holders, or individuals who sign up for the presale.

By participating in the presale, fans get a chance to secure their tickets before they go on sale to everyone else.

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Are presale tickets cheaper?

Are presale tickets cheaper?

The price of presale tickets can vary depending on the decision of the artist or event organizers.

In general, presale tickets are not always cheaper than regular tickets. Fans usually buy presale tickets to get early access to purchasing tickets, enjoy exclusive seating options, or take advantage of special promotions and benefits.

The pricing of presale tickets depends on various factors, such as the popularity of the event and the artist, as well as the demand for tickets.

For example, presale tickets for popular artists like Taylor Swift or Beyoncé might be higher compared to regular concerts because of their immense popularity and high demand.

So, it ultimately depends on the event’s popularity and the level of demand for tickets.

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Presale vs General public sale

Now, you might be wondering about the differences between Presale and General Public Sale. Let me explain it to you using a simple table.

Artist presaleGeneral public sale
TimingTickets go on sale before the general public.Tickets go on sale to after presale ends
AvailabilityPresale tickets have limited availability.Tickets are generally more widely available during the general sale.
Chance of getting ticketsDuring the presale, you have a higher likelihood of securing tickets.During the general sale, there is a lower probability of obtaining tickets.
DiscountsPresale tickets often come with discounts or special offers.General sale tickets generally do not come with discounts or special offers.
RiskDuring the presale, there is a reduced risk of tickets selling out quickly.During the general sale, there is an increased risk of tickets selling out quickly.
ConvenienceAcquiring presale tickets is often easier.Obtaining general sale tickets can sometimes be more challenging.
ExcitementPresale tickets offer the excitement of getting tickets before everyone else.General sale tickets may lack the same level of excitement as everyone else is also vying to purchase them.


I hope I have cleared up your doubts about what presale tickets mean.

As mentioned, Presale is a special period when a selected group of people has the advantage of booking tickets before the general sale begins. It’s as simple as that.

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