Ticketmaster waiting Room tips (What is it, Should i Refresh?, Room vs queue & more)

Tips & guide : Ticketmaster waiting Room tips 2023

When artists announce the dates for their upcoming concert tours, fans get extremely excited. Everyone wants to book tickets as soon as possible.

On the presale day, fans often encounter a long virtual queue, and we patiently wait for our turn until the queue reaches zero.

Today’s article will guide you through the preparations you should make before joining the queue and provide tips for what to do during the waiting process.

So, let’s begin and dive into all the details.

Ticketmaster waiting Room tips

Ticketmaster waiting Room tips

1) Be prepared

Make sure to Prepare all the necessary information like event details, seating preferences, and payment details ahead of the ticket sale to save time during the purchasing process.

2) Early sign-in

To ensure you’re in the waiting room when tickets are released, it’s recommended to log in to your Ticketmaster account before the sale starts.

3) Confirm you have a valid form of payment

Ensure you have a valid form of payment ready before the ticket sale begins. Having a confirmed payment method will help streamline the purchasing process when the tickets become available. Double-check your payment details to avoid any last-minute complications.

4) Use multiple devices and browsers

To increase your chances of getting tickets, use multiple devices like computers, smartphones, or tablets, and try different web browsers. Each device and browser can have its own waiting room page open, giving you more opportunities to access tickets.

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5) Working internet connection

Having a strong and stable internet connection is crucial during the ticket sale. Ensure that your internet connection is reliable and consistent to smoothly navigate the waiting room and complete your ticket purchase without interruptions.

Avoid using mobile phone internet as it may be less reliable compared to a wired or high-speed connection.

6) Refresh strategically (or avoid)

When you’re in the waiting room, it’s best to avoid constantly refreshing the page. Ticketmaster will automatically update the page for you, so excessive refreshing could cause you to lose your spot in the queue.

7) Stay mindful of the time!

When it’s your turn, your spot will be reserved for 10 minutes to start shopping. Remember to check the time and make thoughtful decisions accordingly.

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8) Be patient

Ticket sales can get really competitive, and it’s normal to face some waiting time. Just hang in there and try to stay patient. It’s best to avoid constantly refreshing the page or opening multiple tabs since that can actually cause more delays or errors.

So, take a deep breath and wait for your turn without any frantic clicking.

9) Prepare a backup plan

At the end, If you can’t secure tickets through Ticketmaster, don’t fret! There are still other avenues to explore. You can explore ticket brokers, fan-to-fan exchanges, or even try your luck by waiting in line at the venue on the event day.

Don’t give up hope and consider these alternative options to maximize your chances of getting those coveted tickets.

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When does the ticketmaster waiting room open?

Ticketmaster’s waiting room typically opens around 10 to 15 minutes prior to the start of the ticket sale.

To give you an example, if the tickets are scheduled to go on sale at 10am on a Monday, the Waiting Room will open at around 9:50 am or 9:45 am. This allows you to get in line and prepare for the ticket sale before it officially begins.

Should I refresh ticketmaster waiting room?

Should I refresh ticketmaster waiting room

While you’re in the Ticketmaster waiting room, it’s usually best not to refresh the page too often. Ticketmaster takes care of updating the page for you, and if you refresh excessively, you may lose your spot in the virtual queue.

It’s better to be patient and let the page update on its own. Refreshing too frequently can disrupt your position and cause delays or errors when trying to purchase tickets.

Ticketmaster waiting room vs queue

The Ticketmaster waiting room is where customers initially gather before a ticket sale begins. It acts as a virtual waiting area to manage the high demand.

Once the sale starts, customers are placed in a queue, which determines the order in which they can access and purchase tickets. The queue ensures a fair and orderly process, allowing everyone a chance to secure tickets.


I have personally shared these tips based on my experience, and I believe you will find them helpful too. Please let me know in the comments if you liked this article.

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