How to get closer to the stage at a concert? (7 Practical tips)

Tips & guide : How to get closer to the stage at a concert?

Going to a concert with our friends to see our favorite artist is so much fun!

We all want to get as close to the stage as possible because being near our favorite artist feels like a dream. We want to feel the energy and vibe up close.

In today’s article, I will guide you on how to get closer to the stage at a concert with Real & practical tips so lets go.

How to get closer to the stage at a concert?

How to get closer to the stage at a concert

1) Arrive early

Getting to the concert venue early is a really good way to get closer to the stage. The sooner you arrive, the better chance you have of being near the front.

Check the concert tickets or venue info to see if there’s an option for early entry. That way, you can get in before everyone else and secure a great spot close to the stage.

2) Research the venue layout

Here’s another tip that I personally use and it works wonders during concerts.

Before the concert, take some time to understand the layout of the venue. Some venues have different entrances or sections for general admission and reserved seating.

Are there any ways to get closer seats at a concert

By researching the venue beforehand, you can figure out the best way to navigate and find the closest spot to the stage. Knowing the venue layout will definitely give you an advantage in getting closer to the stage. So make sure to do your research and plan accordingly!

3) Move through the crowd

During the concert, when it starts or during breaks between performances, the crowd might move around, giving you a chance to get closer to the stage.

Pay attention to these moments and try to move through the crowd smartly, finding any empty spaces you can squeeze into.

Remember to be considerate of other people at the concert and avoid pushing or causing any trouble.

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4) Use side or alternative entrances

How to get closer to the stage at a concert

Here’s a cool trick that works well when a venue has multiple entrances.

While most people go through the main entrance, there could be other entrances or secret ones that are less crowded. Check out these alternative options if they’re available, as they can give you a better chance to get closer to the stage without as much competition.

It’s like finding a hidden path to get ahead of the crowd and enjoy the concert from a prime spot.

5) Engage with venue staff

Here’s a secret trick that I personally use, and I’ll share it with you. Try to befriend the venue staff members, like the security personnel or ushers.

Be polite and respectful when you talk to them. They can be really helpful! They might give you tips or suggestions on how to get closer to the stage.

How do you get near the stage at a concert

And here’s the exciting part: if you have a good bond with them, they might even help you on the spot because they have the authority or permission to do so.

So, be friendly, build connections, and who knows, you might just find yourself getting an extra boost to get closer to the stage! Most of the times this trick works so definitely try it out.

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6) Engage with fellow concertgoers

Here’s a trick that many people use at concerts, even though I personally don’t do it.

Engage in friendly conversations with other concertgoers because they might have some helpful tips or even let you move closer to the stage.

how to get close to the stage at a concert.

It’s like a little mind game that some people play to create a connection and get a better spot. Just keep in mind to be genuine and respectful when talking to others.

Who knows, you might make new friends and have an even more memorable concert experience!

7) Be flexible and adaptable

Remember, it’s not always guaranteed to get super close to the stage, especially if the concert is really popular or the venue is packed with people.

How to get closer to the stage at a concert

But don’t worry, it’s important to be flexible and go with the flow. If it’s tough to move closer, try finding a spot where you can still have a fantastic view and enjoy the music.

Sometimes, being a bit further back can give you a wider perspective of the whole show. So, keep an open mind and make the most out of the experience, no matter where you end up in the crowd. Just embrace the music and have a blast!


So, out of all these tips, I personally use the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th most of the time. You can give them a try too!

Now you have a clue about what to do if you want to get closer to the stage. Give it a shot and let me know how it goes for you. I’m excited to hear your experience. Enjoy, have fun, and cheer on! Rock on!

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