How much does Taylor swift make per concert? (Based on Research)

Tips & guide : How much does Taylor swift make per concert

As a big fan of Taylor Swift, or you can call me a Swiftie, I often wonder how much money she earns from each concert.

If you’re a fellow Swiftie, you’ve probably had this question cross your mind too. Well, today we’ll explore this topic in our article based on trusted sources. Let’s go.

How much does Taylor swift make per concert?

In order to answer this question, thorough research is required. However, conducting extensive research with a small team can be challenging.

But don’t worry, we have analyzed data from reputable sources such as,, & Let’s take a look at what their research reveals.

1) Report

According to Billboard, Taylor Swift earns approximately $11.36 million per concert.

According to a report by in 2022, Taylor Swift earned a total revenue of $591 million from selling out all 52 of her shows. While the report didn’t provide specific data on how much she earned per concert, but we can easily calculate it.

By dividing the total revenue of $591 million by the 52 concerts, we find that she made an average of approximately $11.36 million per concert.

Total Revenue$591 million
Total concert52 shows
Per concert Earning$11.36 million
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2) Report

According to Forbes, Taylor Swift earns an estimated range of $9.61 million to $10.57 million per concert during her “Eras” tour.

In addition, Report refers to a study conducted by David Herlihy, a Teaching Professor and Music Industry Program Coordinator at Northeastern University. The study suggests that Swift has the potential to earn around $500 million to $620 million from her “Eras” tour.

This estimation is based on an average ticket price of $215 and the assumption that Swift will successfully sell out all 52 dates on her tour.

how much does taylor swift make per concert eras tour

If we calculate the data, the original earnings per concert at 100% ticket revenue is $9.61 million per show. However, if we want to calculate earnings based on 110% ticket revenue, the modified earnings per concert would be $10.57 million.

Average ticket price$215
Ticket Estimated revenue$500 million – $620 million
Total Concerts52 shows
Earnings per concert (100% ticket revenue) $9.61 million
Earnings per concert (110% ticket revenue)$10.57 million
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3) Businessinsider Report

According to a report by, it was reported that Taylor Swift earns an average of $9 million per show.

4) Report

According to a report on, which references Billboard’s study, Taylor Swift earns an estimated $11 million per concert.

This information is based on the research conducted by Billboard.

However, it’s important to note that while some data may have been published 1-2 years ago, it should be considered as an estimate for 2023, as the per concert earning may have increased by then.

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In short, Taylor Swift earns an estimated average of $9 million to $11 million per concert, according to all this trusted sources. Her remarkable financial success is a reflection of her talent, hard work, and ability to connect with audiences worldwide.

FAQ – answer in short

How much does taylor swift make per concert?

According to studies conducted by Forbes, Billboard & Business insider, Taylor Swift makes an estimated range of $9 million to $11.36 million per concert on her “Eras” tour. These figures represent her potential earnings from each individual show.

How much does Taylor swift make per concert after expenses?

Based on reports from Forbes, Billboard, and, it is estimated that Taylor Swift makes between $5 million and $10 million per concert after expenses.

How much does Taylor Swift make a year?

Based on available data from various sources, it is estimated that Taylor Swift will make an average of $150 million per year. This estimation takes into consideration her various revenue streams, including album sales, streaming royalties, merchandise sales, endorsement deals, and concert tours.

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