Welcome to the disclaimer page of Cinemax.co.in. We value transparency and would like to share some important information with our viewers.

Cinemax.co.in is a blog where we publish the latest concert news, updates, and celebrity gossip. However, during our research, we discovered that the Cinemax.co.in domain previously belonged to Cinemax India, a well-known chain of multiplex cinemas in the past. Cinemax India Limited, commonly known as Cinemax, operated multiplex theaters across various cities in India, providing a wide range of movie options and a premium cinematic experience to moviegoers.

In 2012, the Kanakia Group-owned CineMAX cinema chain was acquired by Cine Hospitality Private Ltd, a subsidiary of PVR Cinemas, for Rs. 395 crore (US$49 million), making PVR the largest cinema chain in India.

We want to make it clear that we are not connected to either PVR or Cinemax multiplex theaters in any way. We have started this blog to share the latest concert news, updates, and celebrity gossip, and we are an independent blog not affiliated with anyone.

Please note that we are not representing ourselves as Cinemax cinema or PVR. We are a separate entity and solely focused on providing entertainment news and updates.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

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