Are presale tickets more expensive? Why fans always prefer

Are presale tickets more expensive? Do you also have the same question?

I’ve noticed that many people on platforms like Quora and Reddit have numerous questions about presale, such as whether it’s cheaper, when it starts, and how it differs from general sale.

One person even commented on our blog asking if presale tickets are more expensive?

Let me clarify this doubt for you in simple terms so everyone take advantage of it.

Are Presale tickets more expensive?

Presale tickets are not always cheaper or more expensive than regular tickets. Typically, they have the same price as regular tickets. However, they might provide some extra advantages, like early access to tickets or better seat options with discount & offers if any.

In general, the pricing of presale tickets depends on factors like the artist, event, and their popularity.

For example – The popular artists have concerts, ticket prices tend to be higher, while less popular artists may offer discounts and special offers during the presale period.

Ultimately, it all depends on the specific event and its individual circumstances.

When does presale start?

When does presale start?

Presale start times are determined by the artist and event organizers. It can vary from one event to another. Sometimes presales begin just one week before the event, while other times they start one month in advance.

Ultimately, it is up to the artist and organizers to decide when to initiate the presale.

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What percentage of tickets are presale on ticketmaster?

The number of tickets allocated for presale on Ticketmaster is not the same for every event. It can vary based on different factors such as how popular the artist is, how big the venue is, and the agreements made with the organizers.

In some cases, around 10-25% of the total tickets may be allocated for presale, while in other instances, it could be as high as 35%. The specific percentage depends on the event and its unique circumstances.

Why fans prefer presale tickets?

Are presale tickets more expensive?
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There are numbers of reason behind why fans mostly go for presale instead of general public sale.

  • Early access
  • Better seat selection
  • Increased chances of getting tickets
  • Exclusive offers and promotions
  • Fan loyalty and engagement
  • Peace of mind
  • The exclusivity


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